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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Volkswagen Beetle Modified

Driving your own vehicle is quite a statement in itself. But for those of you for whom, cars are just cars; here’s something that will compel you to think again. Those who drive the beetle certainly do it with great style and élan. So here’s presenting you with a sneak peek to what extent you can have your Volkswagen Beetle modified. Well say that again, did you say what on earth is this? Well yes, we heard you right. Certainly this is probably what you’d say if you saw one of these breeze past you.

Yes others may choose to hold their hands over their mouth for fear of letting out sounds they never knew existed. However, if you knew anything about modifications, you’d know how difficult the task is. Moreover it’s expensive as well as cumbersome when it comes to finding all the parts you need. And more than all the effort that goes in, the passion and drive required for any modification take shape isn’t something all of us are capable of.

volkswagen beetle limosin
volkwagen beetle modiefied into sporty 4 wheel drive car
mini volkswagen
flinston volkswagen beetle
hot wheel volkswagen
yellow sporty volkwagen
UFO type volkswagen
futuristic volkswagen back to the future
ladybird bug car
open roof volkswagen. refresh your ride
volkswagen limo at the park
bigfoot volkswagen show
nice decoration at volkswagen type 1
grass skin on car
very unique and elegent art on volkswagen
no roof valkswagen


Anonymous! Not Miss Mary K. said...

Great Blog! I think the top car is a PT cruiser.

neogadget said...

This is evolution of classic Bumblebee!

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