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Monday, March 27, 2006

Cartoonist Creativity

An artwork by cartoonist from Korea. Funny isn't?

I will be waiting for you"Dear, I will waiting for you"

facing hard time"It's okay, let him go. He is not suitable for you"

Survivor"I can do it" -next episode of I Should't Be Alive series (Discovery Channel)

Aromatherapy hot bath"Ahh.. This is good. Hot bathing with aromatherapy"

Human piramid"I think this is not a good idea"

Raining"Luckily we found this"

Sleep tight"zzzzzz"

fire stone"Look what he has done at your table"... "What?"

Dead or Alive"No.. no.. please.. don't eat me...Who will feed my kids"

"My lovely bride"

Bride & Bridegroom"We love you, Dad"

Climbing"Help!... " "No one is around. I have to get out of here by myself"

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