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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

House From House Dust

Do you ever think that house dust sometime useful? For example, these house models were made from it.

Small house
Small MansionThe dust which collects in houses is composed of atmospheric dust combined with dust generated by the inhabitants, mostly from sloughed skin cells and fibers from clothing and coverings. It can be removed with a broom, dusting cloth, vacuum cleaner or by a swipe of one's hand.

House dust mites, often found in fibers like carpets and beds, feed on the organic components of house dust. Their feces, in turn, become part of house dust and can provoke allergic reactions in humans.

A variety of technology has been developed for the purpose of removing accumulated dust in the house. The air filter is frequently used on inlet of the air ducts to trap dust. These can be supplemented by air purifiers, including devices that employ ionization to trap dust particles. Accumulated dust is collected by means of dusters and vacuum cleaners. [wikipedia]

Pictures sent by Onaltikirkalti

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