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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Funny Animals

Squirrel The Photographer"Okay, now on three, say acorn... "

Cat & Mouse"If you cross this line ... oh, will you be sorry!"

Trust me"Look me in the eye and believe me when I say, I did not eat that mouse..."

You are the best joker"That was the funniest joke I ever heard ... ha ha ha!"

© 2002 Auke van der Weide
I'm the leader"OK girls, just follow me ... I won't let anything happen to you"

Photo by Gary Hamburgh
Dog Band"Who us? We've been in the bed of the truck the whole time"

Thank you Kathryn

1 comment:

IcelandicAnonym said...

the one with the rooster is the funniest, to me its because its foot is up so i can see he is walking. and you just reminded me on how unny they look when they walk... the determination in this one.

"Say Acorn!"...

this is a cute humour and i like... no, i love it.

thank you for making my day love.

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