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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gary's Weather Forecasting Stone

Now here’s a real tickler. Who said life wasn’t funny. I mean every now and then you come across geniuses who make that extra attempt to make you laugh. Here’s one great picture that states the obvious and makes you wonder where the genius in me is. Simple and straight to the point, that’s the only way I look at it, but it sure does get me thinking.

I mean, what was Gary thinking of. Certainly he’s gotten me thinking and quite honestly whatever the weather condition is, I’d rather look at his stone to know what it is. This calls for a real laugh. In fact, even if I knew what the obvious suggestions in his forecasting are I’d still read them every time I glance at this poster. Way to go Gary. What do you say? I think Gary's Weather Forecasting Stone is a real winner. So next time, you should probably look out for obvious pointers and you’d know your answer to anything.

This is likely traditional way to determine weather :D

Gary's weather forecasting stone


yeast said...

Haha, pretty smart weather man :p
I laughed out loud at his Tornado condition.

Anonymous said...

I have being searching for ages for one of these boards. Just listed on eBay if your search Weather Stone .. You can personalise to your own name.

We have just put one outside our cafe. Ha they really do attract some customers

Disser2 said...

hilarious =)

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