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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pictures Of The Year From NBC

NBC is always known for its quality that is first rate, and this collection honors it with some exotic photographs. The pictures are of various themes but each and every one of them is stunning visually. It starts with an aqua theme, and moves on to a flower petal with dewdrops on it. The dewdrops reflect other flowers, and it is nothing less than genius work.

There are monks walking through a waterfall, and one of a rocket launch. Every picture is well crafted, and even an amateur’s eye will capture the beauty of it all. The most adoring picture however is that of a row of babies in a cradle, with headphones on each baby. This one steals the show, and right behind is the cute little dog jumping in the snow.

The one of the rocket launch is well framed, and the picture of the sunrays through the clouds is nothing short of mesmerizing. The late night ride has some interesting shades, and the high jump is an extreme classic. A few animal pictures complete this unique collection.

They not only are good for a collector’s item, they will look great on a desktop too.

Under water world
water drop
monk in waterfall
wrecked ship
space ship ready to launch
sea side from bird eye view
sand storm strike
beautiful formation
big wave smashed light house
newborn baby listening to music
a late night ride
high jump
dog running in snow
I got it
brave firemen
saving the dog
I have butterfly on my forehead
Pictures forwarded by Kathryn

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