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Monday, May 01, 2006

18 Best Photos Of The Year 2005

1. Swallowed whole

Rainbow trout fingerlingJim Lavrakas / Anchorage Daily News

A rainbow trout fingerling peers out from the gullet of a northern pike at the Alaska Department of Fish & Game aquarium in Anchorage.

2. A romp in Russia

polar bear cubAlexander Natruskin / Reuters

A polar bear cub plays near his mother at the Moscow Zoo.

3. Moonshot

jet pass over moonMark Garfinkel / Boston Herald

Flying at nearly 35,000 feet, a jet passes over the disk of a winter half moon above Boston on Jan. 3. The jet leaves contrails in its wake due to the temperature difference between the hot engine exhaust and the cold air.

4. Red Square reflection

reflection of The Kremlin's Spassky TowerAlexei Kondrashkin / AP

The Kremlin's Spassky Tower and passers-by are reflected in the wet cobblestones of Moscow's Red Square on Feb. 13.

5. A galaxy's sharp edge

a perfect NASA

An image produced by the Hubble Space Telescope, released March 1, shows a perfect "edge-on" perspective of the galaxy NGC 4013, with huge clouds of dust and gas extending above the galaxy's main disk.

6. Light of the world

Earth looks like at nightNASA

This composite image shows what Earth looks like at night. City lights highlight developed areas of the planet.

7. Mother and child

An ethnic Albanian refugee from Selce, Macedonia, and her childVadim Ghirda / AP

An ethnic Albanian refugee from Selce, Macedonia, and her child look through the window of a bus as they arrive in Prizren in Kosovo on March 27, after fleeing the fighting in Macedonia two days earlier.

8. A useful lesson

A German Shepherd named Pepper sits with two endangered Bengal tiger cubs and a cougar cub David Gray / Reuters

A German Shepherd named Pepper sits with two endangered Bengal tiger cubs and a cougar cub, far right, at the home of veterinarian Rob Zammit outside Sydney, Australia.

9. Great white whale

A beluga whaleBob Croslin / MSNBC.com

A beluga whale swims in a tank at the Vancouver Aquarium.

10.Puppy love

black Labrador-DalmatianPaul T. Erickson / Tri-City Herald

Crystal, a year-old black Labrador-Dalmatian mix, peers through a heart-shaped hole in a fence.

11.The gathering storm

Dark cloudsRudy Smith / The World Herald

Dark clouds roll over Blair, Neb., on May 9, bringing thunder and flashes of lightning.

12. The little duckling who could

Mallard ducklingsJim Rider / South Bend Tribune

Mallard ducklings wait their turn May 14 as a sibling struggles to make it up a curb in South Bend, Ind. The mother, who had already cleared the obstacle, flirted with traffic for 20 minutes before leading her offspring safely across the busy road.

13. Mideast flare-up

A Palestinian youthMagnus Johansson / AFP

A Palestinian youth uses a slingshot to fire stones at Israeli soldiers from behind a barricade of burning tires May 23.

14. Rainbow times two

double rainbow over downtown Chillicothe, OhioRobert J. Moorhead / Chillicothe Gazette

An afternoon storm brought a double rainbow over downtown Chillicothe, Ohio on May 27.

15. Fury from above

Lightning ripples over the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, TexasTony Gutierrez / AP

Lightning ripples over the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas, on June 14.

16. Grand old night

the fireworks show at Riverside Park in New LondonMike De Sisti / The Post-Crescent

Tanner Mann, 8, of Hortonville, Wis., gets a good seat on top of his mother's car July 4 for the fireworks show at Riverside Park in New London.

17.Un-bear-able heat

Koluk the polar bearRose Palmisano / The Albuquerque Journal

Koluk the polar bear goes headfirst into the pool at the Albuquerque Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque, N.M., on July 15.

18. Stellar light show

the NASA / ESA / The Hubble Heritage Team

From ground-based telescopes, the "ant nebula" resembles the head and thorax of a garden ant.


beruang said...

not so much so called best picture of the year haha... maybe i'm not a scenery person.

what i thought the best picture was and 'owned' picture... the the mastercard (priceless ads), for me that should be considered as best picture...

Vera e Rodrigo Vianna said...

Thanks for this amazing photos!

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