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Friday, May 19, 2006

Cute Tiny Babies

These babies sculptures were made from Prosculpt polymer clay and mohair and not from marzipan (almond sugar paste) as rumour said, according to Snoope. By the way they look so real.

Tiny Babies
Twin babies
Babies in the eggshell
Tiny Baby
Tiny Baby
baby sleeping
four babies
baby on shell
About the artist

Camille Allen live in Powell River, in British Columbia, Canada. She is 25, married to a wonderful husband with no children yet.

She works in a large studio in a bright and cheerful heritage building built in 1916. She has filled it with dolls, doll parts, dolls-in-progress and sculpting supplies!

She use various kinds of professional doll scuptors' clay to make the babies - polymer clays - such as Cernit or Prosculpt. The babies have soft English mohair to imitate fine baby hair and are blushed with paints for realism to enhance their tiny wrinkles and creases.

Starting from detailed photographs and a lump of clay, sculpting a lifesize or miniature baby begins. It takes many, many hours of patient concentration to form a realistic baby and finish with fine details - including wrinkles and fingernails.

She is privileged to have learned the art of doll making from her husband's grandmother just over 5 years ago. She taught her how to sculpt large lifesize dolls in polymer clay.

A year later when she had some bits of leftover clay from a larger doll, she formed the bit of clay into a miniature baby. When she held the tiny baby in her hand she had the feeling of protectiveness and fascination. She loved it instantly!



Rose said...

I love Camille Allen's work. I've talked to her a couple times Via email. She's a great ladt.

Colette said...

Those babies are fantastic! I envy her skill and subject matter. Does she sell online?

fizdane said...

Rose, thanks for the comment.

Colette, yes she sell on ebay and directly from her website once these babies are available.

From Camille's website:
"When new baby sculptures are available for purchase you will find photos and ordering information below. If you would like to be notified when new babies go up for sale please sign up for the newsletter."
For Sale

Wow Gold said...

Wow very beautiful images. I love it.

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