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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hurricane Affected Area

Hurricane Affected Area
wrecked ships

lightning strike
These pictures were taken by Jim Hunter. He is a retired Navy Commander now flying for Petroleum Helicopters Inc. These pictures were taken as he was evacuating workers from oil rigs off south pass, Mississippi River, south of New Orleans.

He is home now, but is attempting to find a way back to work. Many of the offshore pilots live here in n/w Florida. They can not pass through the hurricane affected areas by vehicle. Their company attempted to give them helicopters so they could fly over the hurricane areas to do their shift relief's, but the government will not even allow them to fly in those areas because
Of the enormous amount of helicopter traffic already present there.

So long as these guys can not get to their choppers, virtually no one goes to the oil rigs for restarts. Most of the boats that service the rigs have been destroyed. Just another reason your gas prices are set to sky rocket!

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