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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Albino Animals

Albinism is a medical condition that is witnessed in the human as well as animal family. In the animal kingdom, it’s actually a rare phenomenon, and most of us will actually spend this lifetime without really seeing an albino animal or bird. It is a result of gene mutation that affects pigment production.

So the four legged albino you are watching is really special. The animal lacks melanin, so it’s white, has no markings and non-pigmented pink eyes. If the animals blue-eyed it’s called partial albinism. There are many variations of albinism; it could be partial where only a part of the body is white. They could also be partly light colored.

Well just in case you happen to see one of them, your best reaction would be to get a picture. Well not because you’re going to get prize money, but because you are truly witnessing a rare phenomenon. Kudos to the albino birds and animals who are one of natures beautiful wonders. The innocent little white babies live on.

Albino tiger
Albino whale
albino squirrel
albino snake
albino fox
albino peacock
albino kangaroo
Note : White peacocks are not albinos, but are a colour form of the peacock. This photo of the white peacock at Paulton's Park, England was taken by Malcolm Jackson. (source)

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Beautiful photos!

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