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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Amazing Storm Pictures Taken by Storm Chaser

These images are photographs of tornadoes and other extreme weather phenomena taken by storm chaser Mike Hollingshead in Nebraska and Kansas during the summer months of 2002 and 2004.

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Nicholas said...

I'm pretty sure there'r articles on on at least one of these. I'll get back to you on that.

Nicholas said...

Okay, I was wrong. Sorry. Cool pictures, in that case. heh.

Andelle said...

Wow. these are absolutely beautiful. It must be awesome to be a storm chaser.

Anonymous said...

thats pretty cool...

fizdane said...

There are an article on about those pictures. It mentioned all pictures are real (but rumor said it's Hurricane Katrina).
All pictures taken by Mike Hollingshead (

MoonMyst said...

very awesome pics !! but i would be heading in another direction pretty fast !!!!

Anonymous said...

They're not of Huricanne Katrina .. these were taken between 2002 & 2004 .. says so at the beginning of the article. The pictures are all of funnel clouds/tornadoes, too.

Lynxis said...

looks like close encounters of the 3rd kind


Anonymous said...

As someone noted earlier, go to for all his pictures, including 2005. One of my favorite series is from May 2005 (I think), called the Grand Island supercell. Amazing.

Diego said...

Those would be so cool if they weren't gonna hurt us.

Allie said...

If I lived in that area I would be so scared! Those systems look so frightening!

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