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Friday, June 30, 2006

Amphibious Bus

Not many people would have heard about an amphibious bus. It is a bus that is able to travel on highways as well as water, and makes for an interesting tourist outing. The bus is luxurious and equipped extremely well. These pictures will be interesting for those who have never seen an amphibious bus.

These pictures are of an amphibious bus taken from several angles. This will include that of the bus swimming in the water in style. It shows a group of people travelling in it and how exactly it reaches the shore.

While two of the pictures show the complete exterior of the bus, the others are of the bus swimming in water.

There are two pictures of the interiors of the bus, and it shows how comfortable it is. It would almost make for a decent living. It is an eye opener about the concept and it also shows how it would make for a tourist outing. People may look at these pictures for reference, and they may also be a collector’s item.

For those who have a passion for buses, amphibious bus is an ideal to look at.

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