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Monday, June 12, 2006

Fingernail Art

creative fingernails art. this girl uses ocean theme. item included on nails are starfish, seahorse, shell etc
painting on fingernails. japanese theme. you can see japanese ancient art on it. using airbrush
attractive decoration on fingernails. this decoration quite details with dancers and swan
impressive idea. horse theme on fingernails. the fingernails looks
art of coloring fingernails. more add on and accesories on fingernails
nice nail artist work. fingernails art - circus theme
creative nail arts. can you see the musical instrument on fingernails?
cool fingernails touch up. butterfly

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Anonymous said...

HOLY doodles !! those are AMAZING !! wonder how much time and money went into those.. Beautiful !! i really like the one with the shells on her nails.. very , very pretty

Anonymous said...

they are very creative esecially the one with the shells. lovely all are very lovely. said...

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