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Monday, June 19, 2006

Hanging Temple in Mount Hengshan, China

This is one of fascinating place and a must visit when you travel to China. The Hanging Temple (not really hanging but looks like hanging when you look at far distance) was built during the late Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534AD) and is located close to the foot of Hengshan. The buildings were restored in 1900 and there are 40 wooden halls and structures linked by an ingenious system of pillars, posts and walkways.

Hanging Temple. Stone temple pilot. Amazing building pictures
built at cliff of Mount Hengshan. Used for monk and shoalin kungfu practitioners. Stone temple pilot
amazing artistic art. valuable for tourism. must visit when travel to China
amazing architecture. The word temple has different meanings in the fields of architecture, religion, geography, anatomy, and education.
Artistic.  The great variation and beauty in the Chinese landscape is often the inspiration for great works of Chinese art.
must visit when to come to China.Beautiful China. Planning to travel to China?
Hengshan is a sacred Daoist mountain reaching a height of 2,020 meters (6,625ft) located to the south of Datong. The Hanging Temple is one of the most dramatic sights at Hengshan - a wooden temple clinging to the cliff side, appearing to defy gravity with only a few wooden posts as support. [Chinaetravel.com]

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Jan said...

I don't know that I will ever make it to China, but if I ever do this is a must see place!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures!

Tacoma, WA USA

Anonymous said...

I been here i think, there was coffins hanging on the walls

contactos barcelona said...

No doubt, the chap is totally fair.

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