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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Funny Graphic in Public Toilet in Thailand

This is certainly one of the best uses of graphic. It’s funny, rather hilarious. I mean can you imagine peeping toms in your bathroom. Surely, a funny sight. Of course if it was real, you’d say vulgar but this can make you laugh aloud even when you’re using the bathroom. What’s funnier is those who are in a real hurry and fail to look around in the beginning are in for a real surprise.

These are glimpses of a novel public toilet in Thailand. And honestly it’s a pleasant sight. So much more joyous than the unpleasant graffiti you come across at times. And honestly, why not look back at a smiling face when you’re at the job. You’ll certainly let out a smile, quite a pleasurable experience I’d say. Who says visiting a public bathroom equated to an act completed in a hurry? Now you can go in and enjoy your laugh and of course complete your business.


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The Sphinx said...

Haha, quite a sense of humor they have there ;-)

evans said...

anyone willing to translate the text on the pics?

Jonas M. Rogne (Chain) said...

Cute :)

Why don't we have funny restrooms like that? =D

Rasui Akira said...

Hilarious! Quite a find... hehehehe

Anonymous said...

the words on the blue sign say something along the lines of "please help with cleanliness and throw away the paper in the bin"

Anonymous said...

Well, one of them says..i'll cut em off! haha...that would make me feel very uncomfortable indeed...but i won't be going to thiland anytime soon, so i don't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in a public bathroom, wonder when this was made?

Anonymous said...

The signs say please keep the toilets clean. Throw paper towels in the garbage.

gnarlykitty said...

This is hilarious! Where in Thailand did you take these pictures??

Sanjay said...

These are all nice guys picture funny Graphic in public toliet in Thailand all the best.

Rina said...

It's amusing and very well-done, but I wouldn't say it's pleasant if I'm using the toilet myself. But it's an applaudable effort for making public toilets an interesting place to visit.

Alitta said...

Hahaha I'm Thai but have never seen them before, they're really cool!! You might not feel really safe using the toilet :)

clogged toilet said...

Very funny !

Toilet Repair said...

I have seen the mens room pictures around before, but I think you might be the first person to publish the pics of womens room, that's awesome!


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