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Friday, July 28, 2006

Club Med Ads Campaign for True Getaway

Of course we all love going on a holiday. The thought of a holiday can make us chirpy and giggly and you could be on your way singing, we’re going on a summer holiday. Well okay, it may not be a summer holiday always, but a holiday is a holiday. And to get you going and visiting places, holiday specialist companies will go to any degree to make a place seem the most beautiful corner on earth.

And this is where print ads play an important part. Frankly, at times even if you looked at the prettiest holiday snaps, the only reaction it evokes maybe that of awe but it may not always be enough to get you to start packing. But these Club Med Ads are meant to do just that. Whether you call it spectacular imagination or good advertising, they’ll surely get you thinking about the next holiday. So sit back and let your mind wander, soon you’ll be in a far away land.

Here are cool set of print ads for Club Med campaign.

club med ixtapa
club med advertising
club med vacation
club med punta cana
club med sandpiper

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SSR said...

Great idea for a blog.

jefz said...

Creative holiday advertisement

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