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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Theme Park at Stratosphere Tower Hotel, Las Vegas

Stratosphere Tower Ride
It's kind of hard to miss the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas; the nearly 1000-foot behemoth is visible from anywhere in Sin City. In a town known to embrace the outrageous, it's still insane to discover that there are thrill rides ATOP THE TOWER.
Even more audacious than the people who thought of placing rides on top of the Stratosphere: the nuts who ride them (that'd be me...and you?). None of the four rides would be particularly noteworthy if they were planted on the ground, but at more than 900 feet above Vegas' famed strip, they're all beyond wild--and two of them may just be the most thrilling, if not terrifying, rides on the planet. It's all about psychological thrills, and these rides give acrophobia a whole new meaning. When the see saw-like XScream totters over the edge of the tower, or when Insanity (speaking of insane) dangles above the Strip and tilts its cars down as if to eject its passengers, psychological thrills just don't get a heckuva lot more intense.
The Big Shot is a fairly standard drop tower ride, but when you're freefalling 1000 feet in the air, all I can say is,
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I stayed at the Stratosphere a few years back...I was too chicken to even go up there. Now I remember why! Lol

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