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Monday, September 11, 2006

Future Technology

IFood Dinner detectorI wish I had this for my mom's chili...but then again, with hers you could always check to see if it was eating through the tablecloth

X-Ray Watch
With text messaging, fax/modem, laser printer and mint warmer. Instant,
automatic notification if wrist fracture should occur. Deluxe model includes
a state of the art digital time piece as well.

Snoozy Sleep Master
I can't count the number of times that I've stopped myself in the middle of a dream and wondered, "Hey, how long have I been sleeping?" If only I had the Snoozy Sleep Master at a time like that!

Power Razor
This super razor has several utilities such as: A special detector spotlight USB port to interact with other devices, a rear view mirror (we are never too prudent), multifunction digital display, front antenna, several others sensors and all this controlled by a powerful 8088 Intel processor with 16 Meg of RAM. Connectors sold separately.

3D Cubed Keyboard
Why stick with the boring 2D flat keyboard when you can be handling a brand new 3D cubed keyboard!

Multi-function Mouse
All you need at your fingertip

Picture origin : Worth 1000.com

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1 comment:

noam said...

these are really great designs - i was astonished!


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