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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Unseen Paradise - The Lover's Paradise in Thailand

This 'Unseen Paradise' is a campaign from Thailand government (Tourism Authority of Thailand) to attract visitors to splendid places in Thailand. There are several hotels and resorts owner participate in this campaign. You can see other beautiful places here.

The pictures promoted by the Thailand government talks about lovers’ paradise. It definitely seems so, as each one of them is simply breathtaking. It describes the place as paradise that lovers should be in, and there is no doubt about it. The pictures are very serene and it is located in Thailand.

From the pictures one gathers that this is an ideal place for a holiday. The pictures depict waterfalls, and calm jungle rivers. There are exciting cottages by the riverside, where one can stay. Every single picture is mesmerizing, and indeed tempting to go there at once. All of these exotic places are being promoted by the Thailand tourism, and the finest places have been picked.

The top angle shot of the river is a classic one, which will make the people want to go there at once. All the pictures speak of the ethnicity of the place, and would speak volumes about the experience a visitor will have when he goes there.

These pictures will help tourists who want to visit Asia, and they can also make a good collection for nature lovers. Such places are rare and so the reference is perfect.

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Maya said...

This place looks simply divine. Can anyone tell me these unseen paradise pictures are from which part of Thailand??? Are they all of the same place/resort or different parts of the Thai region?

fizdane said...

The above pictures are The River Kwai Jungle Rafts in Kanchanburi, Thailand.

twinkle dahiya said...

hi..just a day ago i had received a mail with the same pictures and it read that the pictures belong to Kerala...n its a place somehwere at kerala-karnataka border...i was so excited to see these but its so disheartening to know about the ambiguity of the geographical location of this place..i mean is there some authentic information on this??As that mail also said this particular place is now owned bt taj hotel group..so where exactly is this "unseen paradise"?????i m confused...

Sauce said...

Hey guys,
This is in Thailand bcos such beauty lies only in North India. One more thing the top angle shot of the river comes in the classic English film...this is definitely Thailand.

Anonymous said...

do u have a passport ?

ashok said...

That is The river kwai jungle Rafts Floatel, managed by serenta resorts in thailand.

Anonymous said...

can sum1 tell me how to book to that place for honeymoon package...as i loved this place .

Jebin said...

Man, I did search a lot for the website and finally found it.
www.riverkwaijunglerafts.com. The rates are awesome. The perfect honeymoon destination

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