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Monday, October 30, 2006

Animal Carving on Tree Trunk

There are many old trees that are huge and are the interests of many people. There are pictures of old trees, which have carvings on them. All of these carvings are of animals, and there are various animals. These carvings are very interesting to see, as it has been done with a lot of difficulty, and they would have taken days to complete the task.

The carvings are extremely artistic and they are very admirable as they are very intricate in design too. From a crocodile to an ape, they have it all. A lot of care has been taken to present them in a very natural way, and the pictures show the details too. The pictures are simple and descriptive, and are very interesting to look at from various perspectives.

There are several pictures of the tree of life, and besides these there are those of various animals. One includes an ape, another is of a large snake, there is a crab too and a large crocodile. Those who are interested in animals and art will be delighted with these pictures, as they are one of a kind.

There is a complete variation of animals, which would keep one occupied with the designs.

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Anonymous said...

While it's certainly a lovely work of art, it's not a real tree. It's the "Tree of Life" at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Florida. They have a theatre for a 3d movie inside the trunk, which was pretty cool.

fizdane said...

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Anonymous said...

Is that real?

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