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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Amazing Weird Trees

transform tree to unique furniture
Love tree - created to the love one
ship wrecked look alike tree
bicycle stuck at tree trunk
tree branches created a dome
weird branches trees
unusual tree
very unique tree
unique nature
tree can be bent to anything you like
soft stem can created object
woody stem that made amazing object
usually this kind of tree didn't have much leaves
amazing tree root that make it outstanding from others
funny tree trunk
i didn't see any flower or fruit on it
multiple branches tree
tree without thorns
bud on tree
funny unique tree
funny tree in unexpected place
this tree must be attraction to people
taking a tree photos. not normal one
tree photograph
collection of amazing weird tree around the world
not a tree house
create a house from tree?
crossing root
blended root and stem
nature furniture
tree pillar


Gigi said...

Nice photos!
Check also
Photos from Canada

cliff said...

Hi, nice pics you've got there. coll stuffs. You could check my website. Thanks!

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