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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Classic Body Building Photos

Well it’s not everyday that you meet an acclaimed celebrity like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here is a man who is a popular American governor but one who put his best foot forward at every stage in life. He transformed into a household name with his foray into films, but this popular celebrity started off by developing muscles. And boy, let’s see you talk about muscles.

Here was someone who believed that brawn was enough to get him through, and it sure did. Despite not fitting into the regular American category, Arnold Schwarzenegger carved a niche for himself during his body building days. He participated in numerous competitions and left a mark every where. And this man was for real, no muscles that blew up because of steroids. He had passion and loved to look big and do well. Of course the big man is still here to rule the roost and the muscles have surely come a long way.

Arnold Schwarzenegger training in gymnasium
Arnold Schwarzenegger body
Arnold Schwarzenegger muscle
Arnold Schwarzenegger body building
Arnold Schwarzenegger young
Arnold Schwarzenegger show off
Arnold Schwarzenegger in mr universe competition
body building
arnold from body builder to actor to governor
arnold vintage photos
arnold old days

The video about Arnold body building


Gaby de Wilde said...


jefz said...

He'll be back! Look like this body builder has very clear vision in his life. From body building to actor to important person.

Square said...

What is his next mission? US president?

viola said...


Anonymous said...


Nice boDy!!

adam said...

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