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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fire or Water - Cool Photoshop Skill

The use of Photoshop will never cease to amaze us, as we can create such wonders with this software. The four pictures are of Photoshop creations. Here all pictures are related to fire, and the software has been used to replace the fire with water. The work is nothing less than phenomenal.

The first one is of a gas burner, the second of a candle, third of a cigarette lighter and the fourth of a matchstick. The pictures have been touched up so well, that is looks real. Even an amateur with photography or software would recognize this to be amazing work. The pictures are scintillating and you cannot take your eyes off any of them.

The theme is interesting too, replacing fire with water. A lot of work has been done to improve clarity too. There are two captivating points about the pictures. One is the use of the back light, and the other the flow of the water drops. A lot of minute detail has been covered to make the water drops look very real.

The clarity stands out as a plus point too. These pictures are useful for anyone who needs reference with this software.

water replaced fire
photoshop trick - fire and water
cool fire
photoshop element


Anonymous said...

is there a tutorial available for this?

Anonymous said...

Who made these?
Is there a tutorial on how to do it somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Who produced these?

Anonymous said...

where is the tutorial for this?

Anonymous said...

There IS no tutorial for this.

kavitha said...

water u made it in photoshop or real water splash if you made it please send the details

Anonymous said...

there IS a tutorial for this because i made it.

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