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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rastafarian Dog

rasta dog
rastafarian dog
Rastafarian hair
reggae rasta dog
rastafari marley dog
dog grooming like rastafarian hair
bob marley rastafarian dog
rastarian hairy dog
unusual dog - rasta


Anonymous said...

The color of the dogs hair goes along great with the style! I wonder if it was a natural method or one of these dread-shampoo products... Great shots.

Anonymous said...

never seen a dog with rastas before - makes me smile! great :-)

Anonymous said...

The cords occur naturally, I believe it's a Spanish Water Dog. there is no such thing as a Rastafarian Dog

pancho3355 said...

Two Hungarian breeds, the Komodor and Puli have this type of coat. Naturally occcuring, takes a couple of years to develop.

Anonymous said...

"never seen a dog with rastas"

Uh, i think you mean dreads. "Rastas" would refer to individuals who associate themselves with the Rastafari movement.

Anonymous said...

its an italian breed but i forgot the name

Anonymous said...

It is a hungarian sheepdog called puli...(also hungarian dogs are pumi, mudi, kuvasz, magyar vizsla etc.)

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