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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Barcode Art

When it comes to barcodes, you generally don’t really turn around and take a second glance. Reason being they all look the same, a number of thin and fat lines with a few numbers printed below them. Well, that’s not all there is, if you look closely at these interesting bar codes. There’s art in them that many of us may not give much regard too, but nevertheless they surely are a welcome change as compared to the mundane regular looking barcode prints.

The art, created by Design Barcode , a Japanese team is a great idea to have innovative bar codes, because that way maybe we’ll start noticing. No that’s not all, once intrigued we’ll even be interested in knowing what they mean and figure out what each individual bar code implies. Of course with the art involved, they could certainly be collectibles and if not, I suggest you still keep them for namesake. So here you have it, numbers, art, et al. Well at this moment all of it is beyond my understanding.

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1 comment:

jefz said...

I never thought about this bored bar code can be like this creative art.

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