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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Caparo T1 : Advanced F1 Technology on the Road

Founders Ben Scott-Geddes and Graham Halsted, who worked on the McLaren F1 supercar project, are aiming high with the £150,000 road and track car; an all-in weight of 465kg, plus 480bhp from the 2.4-litre V8 F1-spec engine.

Caparo T1 model made for driving pleasure
people can experienced F1 performance on their own
driving F1 car on the road. Is it legal?
Speed car put on the road for young blood driver
advanced F1 technology tuned for daily usage
concept future racing car with advanced technology and safety
The video :


  • Advanced technology composites
  • Ultra high performance
  • Fully tuneable
  • 2 seater
  • Rear mid-engined

  • 2 seater carbon/aluminium honeycomb monocoque
  • Separate front composite crash structure
  • Rear tubular aerospace grade steel spaceframe

  • Aluminium V8
  • Dry sump
  • 480bhp @ 10,500 rpm / 1000bhp per tonne

  • Streamline double wishbone front and rear
  • Tuneable front and rear anti-roll bar
  • Five-way adjustable race dampers

  • Carbon fibre multi part body with tuneable aerodynamics
  • Designed in section

  • Fully tuneable engine ECU
  • Bespoke wiring aerospace grade loom
  • Multi-function race dash including data logging
  • Speed sensor for traction

  • Central safety cell with high strength steel roll hoop
  • Composite front crash structure
  • Head protection system
  • 6 point harness for driver and passenger compatible with HANS devicr
  • Fire system

  • Magnesium/carbon 6 speed sequential gearbox
  • Paddle shift gear change control
  • Limited slip differential
  • Equal length holow tripode drivershafts

Official website :

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