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Monday, April 30, 2007

Driftwood Horses

Ever heard of the great man who ate the horse, he ate the steeple too. Well, next time he’ll think twice. Here’s a lady, who can help you get your first horse. Voila, just what you’ve always wanted to do. But wait a second, where are you going to keep him. Well that can’t be so difficult. He could stand close to the driveway, maybe in your hall or let’s say he can rest in the kitchen garden.

Heather Jansch, lives in England and makes horses. Well don’t get me wrong, but she really does. Here’s her expertise. Give her driftwood and oak, we’re not talking about chopping trees, but let’s collect what falls off the trees. Then you have it all packed of to her studio, well looks more like her backyard. Never mind. Once here she carefully examines dead wood and starts sculpting. And before you know it, there’s a proud driftwood stallion standing in your house. Innovative, isn’t it? I bet you never seen anything quite like this.

Another art of horse sculpturing, using driftwood. Very impressive and 'alive'.

best driftwood is collected to make this horse sculpture
good wood is selected to make sure the sculpture last longer
the artist sculpturing the art of masterpiece
finished work of drifwood horse sculpture
a proud horse stand
beautiful stallion
couple of horses
horse at the farm
a wild horse at seashore
horses gazing at the grass field
brave knight in action
running horsey

Thanks Julie


Dferrer said...

Can these Driftwood Horse art pieces be purchased?

Anonymous said...

Yes. These remarkable sculptures are created by Heather Jansch, whose web URL follows:


Anonymous said...

I have went to her web site and get nothing as a price list. PLEASE pricing??? THey are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know more about the artists and whether or not these sculptures are for sale.

JM said...

The prices I've seen quoted on the driftwood horses range from a low of ₤4500 to ₤15000 and up for the larger, more elaborate pieces. If you Google Heather Jansch, you should get a hit for a gallery that sells her work. (I can't remember the name but it is C-something & C-something.) Note that those prices are in pounds and not USD.

JM said...

I just remembered the gallery: Courcoux & Courcoux. The URL is http://www.courcoux.co.uk/sculptors/jansch04/jansch_captainscleo.htm. Her high-end pieces are closer to ₤30000, especially if they're bronze and driftwood. Not cheap but gorgeous, I agree!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm Are they real???

Look carefully at the hooves. I'm reasonably good with photoshop and to manufacture a horse picture like these is probably just a dedicated evenings work

i hope i'm wrong but the photos dont like right- As i said look closely at the feet especially the one on the beach

Anonymous said...

I thought that the images looked a bit dodgey as well but by chance I came across a children's programme with her on it (Blue Peter or something like that) and they are authentic!

CNF said...

I think the photos look dodgey as well however, by chance I stumbled upon a children's programme (Blue Peter or something) and it showed her created a swan and then a video of her creating the horses from scratch so they are authentic. Maybe she just thought she could jazz the statues up by super-imposing them onto a beach...

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