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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Transfomers (2007) Wallpapers

The movie Transformers was exciting for movie lovers as well as those who loved graphics. Now there are some exciting wallpapers from this movie, which would delight anyone. They are of high resolution and are available for a normal as well as wide screen too. All the wallpapers have different robots with awesome postures that would look eye catching on a computer screen.

One of them comes with a sleek and super cool car that would be anyone’s choice as wallpaper. While some of them are plain, some of them have lovely colors. These colors do not look out of place with the robots, as it makes them all the more exciting. Every picture is of a different theme, and in relation to the movie.

While the ones in plain silver are classic, those with the colors make the feel very interesting. The resolution is also given with two options so that all fans of this movie and wallpapers may use it as per their computer screens.

These wallpapers would look good in any situation, as they have a pleasing look. The poses of the robots in the wallpapers are innovative too and will make a big difference if these are used on the desktop of your computer.

jazz is pontiac soltice
jazz in robot in disguise
blackout transformers is helicopter in vehicle mode
bumblebee sneak peak
megatron spiky body is alien jet mothership
optimus prime with covered lip. the cover can be opened when he is talking
sporty jazz pontiac robot in disguise
Download :
1600 x 1200
1920 x 1200 (widescreen)

1 comment:

sin said...

I like transformers movie so much, especially when they transform from a car to a robot. Nice looking..

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