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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Animals in Love in Animalia World

Just when you thought that the human species had the right to most emotions on earth, here’s something that tells another picture. Of course humans express love rather explicitly. Sometimes, its flowers, chocolates, diamonds or even a movie. Well animals in love express the same emotion but of course in their own special way.

Here’s what they do, they simply tell the world they are in love. They sit around, hug, cuddle, lick and kiss. Not a worry in the world but just to be with each other. That special bond is something many of us with die for. To be able to sit back on a sun kissed evening with not a worry. And at the end if it all, what stills come across is the love. Here’s one place where you’ll find no blemishes inn love and no little skirmishes to drive your loved one away. It’s more like them telling me, come here, I’ll teach you a thing or two about love.

love couple flamingo
lovely dogs
happy couple bunny
true love blossom in swans world
love couple deer
i love u minnie
kissing birds
wonderful love giraffes
we love each other
elephant in love you are my sweetheart forever
the lion predator in love - we are fierce but we have heart
llama in love
morkut maneer love
cat couple


Anonymous said...

hi . tanks for your amusing site .

if you want see more picS about love in animals have a look at my forum

have a good time !

jefz said...

Love those pictures. Animal planet have lot of things to learn.

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