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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Red Panda a.k.a Firefox

If we talk about Firefox, first thing came in our mind is the internet browser. How about the animal themselves? Does Firefox really exist or just a myth likes Unicorn, Phoenix and Dragon?

Okay, I get it. You never knew they existed. Well actually, neither did I.

Just when you though nothing in the world could be more adorable than your lazy domestic cat, look who we have here. Yes you’re right, he looks a little peculiar, but he’s cute. This is a red panda (common names are Bear Cat, Cloud Bear, Bright Panda, Common Panda, Fire Cat, Fire Fox, Red Fox, Fox Bear, Himalayan Raccoon, Lesser Panda, Nigalya Ponya, Panda Chico, Panda Éclatant, Panda Rojo, Petit Panda, Poonya, Crimson Ngo, Red Cat, Sankam, Small Panda, Thokya, Wah, Wokdonka, Vetri, and Ye)

The red Panda is herbivorous, well that’s quite evident. He lives in Nepal, Wait a second where is that? Well let’s make it easier, in the Himalayan region bordering India and also in China. So why don’t you see more of them. Well just like a distant relative of there’s the Panda, they were nearly extinct.

There are few things you need to know about them. They are timid and harmless, and they like sitting around. Oh yes they love eating tender bamboo shoot and leaves. That’s all they want, so please do something to make sure they stay around till as long as we are around.

real life firefox
firefox is not mystical animal like unicorn or phoenix
have you think about real firefox when browsing internet using firefox browser
firefox is common name for red panda
it like combination of panda, fox, cat, bear
this fox not a carnivore
eating plant fox

The videos


Square said...

I never know their existence. So cute.

Progger said...

Cool photos! I have some panda pictures on my blog too.

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