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Friday, August 31, 2007

Harrison Hot Springs' Sand Sculpture World Championships

Now art isn’t something that really can be defined, well at least that’s my personal opinion. From paintings to sculptures, museums et al, art is now visible at every nook and corner attempting to make the public know about art. Honestly art appreciation is an inborn talent we all have, and where better to let out the praises then at the Harrison Hot Springs' Sand Sculpture World Championships.

For you and me, sand refers to that natural soil found by the sea and in deserts. What else, well it certainly is great as an exfoliating agent and it feels good to walkthrough sand. What else can I do with it? Well nothing, you know it just slips through my fingers however hard I hold it. But here at the championships the most patient sand sculptors gather and put in hours of hard work to create the best in sand art. Well of course it’ll get washed away and maybe even fall apart, but till then, it’s all about being awestruck.

giant spider from the sand

multi hand sand sculpture

now you can see frog sand

nice scuplturing work

if you expert in building sand castle, you might want to participate this contest

largest sand competition

hopefully the weather is good that day. Otherwise, the impressive sand castle just flow with rain

creative sand castle at harisson hot spring

nice collection of sand sculpture

every year more contestent keep coming

2007 harison hot spring sand sculpture championship

unbelievable art of sand castle building

sand castle is no more child play

how many days to take to finish this sand sculpture

sculpturing sand is not easy as engraving the stone

really high patient need to finish this sand art

amazing sand sculpture at sea side

attraction in beach - the sand castle competition

sand castle is not only stick to castle anymore

what happen when dog owner let his dog out in this sand castle area?

children should not allowed or should be with parent when viewing this sand sculpture

can you make sand castle?

castles made of sand

castles in the sand

jimi hendrix - castles made of sand

sand castle molds and tools needed for this amazing work


Trenting said...

Amazing, I wish I had that raw talent.

VR6Tech said...

Those are the most amazing sand creations I have ever seen. Makes mine look like pure crap.

neogadget said...

Remembering me to my old days playing at the beach, building a sand palace.

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