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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eagles in Alaska

I thought eagles love to be alone, but not in Alaska. They are in family.

a pair of eagles

eagles in Alaska

city of eagle

eagle colonize a village

eagle park

squad of eagles

eagle paradise in Alaska

Thanks Julie :)


Anonymous said...

It is really interested thing about them.Really nice photos.

Zander Erasmus said...

nice photos
that's a lot of bird crap ;) lol

i like your layout, it has a nice simplicity to it, though I would move the Advertisements right before the content (it's confusing not beeing able to see content without scrolling down)

SeEtta said...

I don't see any credits for the photos of the eagles. Did you take the photos yourself? If not, did you receive permission to post them on your blog? Did the photographer agree to let them be posted without any credit? You mention nothing about how you obtain the photos you are posting and whether you are posting them ethically.

fizdane said...

If you scroll down at the bottom of the page you will see the Disclaimer about credit issue.

I've received those set of photos by email without any information of the author.

If you know who is the photographer please let me know.

Affan Ruslan said...


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