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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Face of 30 Animals

There are 30 animals in this picture. Can you find all of them?

take your time to find out all 30 animals in this illusion


James Chase said...

This is the second coolest thing i've ever seen.

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Cardattack said...

I do think that this shows skill, but it also is a bit creepy. I can still appreciate it though.

Augilis said...

It's really hard to think how anyone can come up with this idea, let alone prove it's possible. Like cardattack said it's creepy, but I too appreciate it ^^

All The Peoples said...

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Rebecca said...

That is so amazing!!! All the pictures are great. This is my first time to your site but I will be back to check out more pictures!!!!

Wrecked Lung said...

I can like make out a few... :S

Clifford Chris said...

thats impressive, kinda freaky though, it reminds me of the subliminal messaging stuff

Musta taken whoever made it aggges!!

its pretty darn cool though

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chica40208 said...

very nice blog!

Sherrlyn said...

Something so unique. Thanks I love animals and it's been fun to find them in the head!

Musiq Mayneack said...


i just read a bunch of your blogs and i was really inspired. they were very personal and had a down to earth feeling. please keep posting!

you kinda inspired me to write my own blog today instead of just being a wall flower all the time.

please check it out and let me know what you think of it!

Your Reader,
Rusty J


Linus said...

This is all good and well, but can you handle the Truth? If so, look no further than my blog. Thank you.

(Yes, posting a completely irrelevant reply to a arbitrarily chosen blog post to push my own blog is a bit peculiar, I agree. But I have poor impulse control. I simply cannot resist.)

Afiza said...


Really love the face picture. CREATIVE.


Frankly writing, really love the header.......

sury said...

Creativity at its Best !

Creativity is God's Gift.
And you are really Blessed
to have it.

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