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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Moose Found in Flatrock

Jimmie said :

In my whole live in Flatrock, I have never seen a new born baby moose. This one was not even a half a mile from my house. The mother picked a small quiet neighbor in Flatrock and had her baby in the front yard just off Deer Marsh Road ,at 5:30 am. Debbie and I (Jim) were out bike riding when we came upon the pair. The lady across the street from this house told us she saw it being born. We saw them at 5:30 PM. So the little one was 12 hours old.

the moose and her baby in front of house

cute little baby moose

trying to get up

to have a breakfast

I'm done mum

 sit again - maybe it so bored

don't worry we will be fine, said the mother

moose in neighborhood in Flatrock

new born baby moose

rest for a while

Thanks Julie


Anonymous said...

how cute!!! great post as always:)

Connie Marie said...

This is really cool. I'm trying to figure out where Flatrock is. I live in Alaska and see moose a lot, but I've never seen one being born.

Dollar Lady said...

Check Me Out....

Tamara said...

Yo fizdane, where have you gone, guy? The net is poorer without your pictures!

fizdane said...

Dear Tamara and my other regular visitors.. I'm so sorry for not updating this blog since last month. Quiet busy at the moment. Will back to serve you more splendid pictures again soon. Thanks for your continuous support.

Tamara said...

Thanks, Fiz. We look forward to your return :)

Anonymous said...

those pics have been floating around the net for years and always the city name is changed. Flatrock where...Michigan? I don't think so! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Flatrock, Newfoundland; as in CANADA. There is a much larger world beyond the borders of the U.S.A.

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