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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Panda Growing Up

Have you ever seen baby panda growing up since first day of its birthday. Not every people have this chance. Let see this cute panda in the making.

day one panda born

newborn baby panda just like a kitten

more fur growing up

black area of panda present

baby panda in incubator

cute sleeping baby panda

sometime it looks like a mouse

good sleep for baby panda

in few days

baby panda trying it first move

cute plant eater

black-and-white cat-foot

big bear cat in progress

very careful protection needs

quite big baby panda

tadaa.. look at me. I ready to explore the world

5 comments: said...

Aww this is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

lovely cute pictures

Bangalore said...

You did great job.... it is so cute..
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Punsons Flora said...

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гид в барселоне said...

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