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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Do not throw away old PC

Don't throw away your faulty computer or parts. Try to do something useful from it.

Coffee Maker, maybe?

Coffee Maker from CPU
Faulty mouse? Decorate something

Robotic mousemouse vasemousemouse mousecrocodilejet
Your keyboard can do this

keyboard flower
....or this. No need to buy Lego anymore to your children :)

star wars
Faulty monitor to pet cage...

monitor to hamster's cage
...or atleast an ash tray :D

ash tray
"I'm not creative, I can't decorate something". No problem. Just use your CPU casing as BBQ Pit. ;)

barbeque time


Anonymous said...

I like all the creative ideas but please use caution when using monitors many of them still have lots of power in them and only destroy them after they have been properly discharged, we don't want everyone getting electricuted

Anonymous said...

Um.... why do you think they would make these if they knew the danger? ITS CALLED THRILL.

Anonymous said...

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