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Sunday, September 10, 2006

National Geographic Photos

sydneySydney , Australia | 2004 | Catherine Karnow
"With a palm-framed view of downtown, Clark Park is typical of the small parks in North Sydney."

sequoia national parkSequoia National Park, California |1995 | Raymond Gehman
Navigating a road filled with smoke from a prescribed burn can be a dangerous drive .

big surBig Sur, California |1999 | Frans Lanting
Each year more than three million visitors navigate the treacherous turns of Highway 1 and cross its soaring arch-span bridges, its narrow passes, and the unique curiosities, which artists have called 'the greatest meeting of land and water in the world.

kastellorizon islandKastellorizon Island , Greece | 1979 | James P. Blair
Sunlight streams into a water-filled cavern.

rio grandeRio Grande , Texas-Mexico border |1993 | Bruce Dale
A tributary empties into the heavily polluted Rio Grande somewhere along its 1,250-mile (2,011-kilometer) Texas-Mexico border.

grand canalGrand Canal, Venice, Italy |1982 | James L. Stanfield
"Dressed in borrowed finery, Venice wears Byzantine arches and mullioned windows along the Grand Canal."

krabiKrabi , Thailand | 1994 | Jodi Cobb
Tourism has fed Thailand's economy for many years yet now casts a dark shadow on the environment. Pollution and deforestation due to commercial logging are slowly being curbed by new environmental restrictions.

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