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Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Roller Coaster - Booster Bike in Toverland

The world of Vekoma Rides Manufacturing is not just green; it’s actually crazy. We’re talking about Toverland, situated between Germany and Netherlands. And if you thought it was just another amusement park, think again. This is one hair-raising experiencing. Well quite literally. The ‘Motorbike Coaster’ is noisy and fast too. One safety check and you’re on your way.

The great thing about your ‘Motorbike Coaster’ train is that it’s the one experience you’ll always remember. The speed level’s truly tolerable, so much so that it’s in fact a popular family hangout venue. If you were just beginning to think this entire hullabaloo for a sixty second ride, then just hold back and take the ride.

If you thought, why wasn’t I funky bike rider, here’s your chance to feel good. The feel’s real, the mechanism is extraordinary, and the ride memorable. Just hop on, take your position, feel like a racer, it’s another thing you aren’t going to need a helmet on this crazy ride.

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Booster Bike facts

World premiere of Vekoma Rides Manufacturing's Motorbike Coaster system

Height : 15 meter
Length : 590 meter
Top speed : ~ 75 kph
Max. vertical acceleration : 2,5g
Max. horizontal acceleration : 0,7g
Ride time : 60 seconds
Train : 1 with 16 motorcylce seats
Manufacturer : Vekoma Rides Manufacturing
Inauguration : July 27th, 2004

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Anonymous said...

There's a video somewhere out there where an entire group of people dressed up in full riding gear filled an entire train of this coaster. Quite amusing.

CV said...

Now THAT'S a roller coaster ride! Whoa...

Kct said...

Hi there!
Anybody know where is this roller coaster?

fizdane said...

Anony, Thanks for sharing that. I found that video -->> here.

kct, according to website, this motorbike roller coaster located at Toverland, Netherlands

dan said...

I did this ride (i'm from the netherlands)
And it's amazing but it is not really fast.
Looking forward to another ride in the Netherlands.


chatcc said...

this is awesome, Nice pics

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