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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Biggest Bunny in World - Collection of Giant Rabbits

two giant rabbit in da house

rapid growth of bunny

comparison between giant bunny and normal bunny

rabbit versus dog

unbelievable giant bunny

Bodmin the bunny just won't stop growing. Weighing in at around 40kg, Bodmin demands whole lettuce and cabbage from his owner, Micheal Alford of East Essex, England to satifsy his appetite, Nexr to a rabbit normal size, Bodmin's proportions are astounding - he's almost six times as big. The biggest rabbit in the world weighed 52kg. Bodmin, named after the Beast of Bodmin is almost certain to exceed the record.

giant rabbit in london

Herman the giant bunny. Looks like baby kangaroo kicking

I think I have to let go this bunny since I can afford his hunger


Anonymous said...

i love bunnies!!! these ones are so cute!

Tamara said...

There's a rapper character in the movie Fool's Gold called Big Bunny. They should've given him one of these huge rabbits instead of the litle one he had sitting on his lap. On the otherhand... one of these bunnies may have crushed him!

amy said...

Wow. Very nice

Anonymous said...

are those all real!!!! OMG what is up with those bunnies!?!?!?

Great pics!

Ana said...

ADORABLE 'little' creatures!

Church of the Cosmic Bunny said...

BUNNIES!!!!!!!! Great!

Anonymous said...

Wow, i've have over 50 rabbits.
I love them sooooooo much.
Put all those rabbits together and you can have a fur blaket with pillow cases.

çiçekçi said...

paylaşım için çok teşekkürler başarılar diliyorum
For sharing thank you very much good very beautiful work

Leah said...

these bunnies r huge they r bigger than my little brother. by the way check out the biggest dog in the world go to hercules his almost as big as a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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