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Saturday, March 08, 2008

More Cake Decoration Ideas

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Cake for your beloved mum (if she love sewing). The text is in Russian and states: '' To Our Beloved Daughter Lucy''

Would you dare to eat shoe? I mean cake shoe

This is cake or science chart?

Cake for dentist I guess

The text is a little poem about the money

Happy New Year, Fort Trading Co.

India map cake

10 years Petersburg 's Heating Company 'TK Holding' + Petersburg 's City Bank cake

Money in the briefcase cake

The text states: Happy Anniversary, Yours, Felix

St. Petersburg news cake

Eiffel I fall in love cake

pepsi lover cake

Let have cake in Pizza hut

Cake for police



Nisa said...


cake decoration said...

Great !!!

These are really awesome examples of great creativity!

Specially that Indian flag cake!

Chidcha said...

I fell hungry when see them!!!But in real i don't dare to eat.

çiçek said...

For sharing thank you very much good very beautiful work

muebles en girona said...

Thanks so much for this article, pretty useful material.

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