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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nike Transformers Sneaker - Choose your Side : Autobot or Decepticon

When Transformers the movie hits the cinema last year, lot of manufacture turn their product into robot in disguise. Nike with Takara Tomy also want to give 'live' to their product . They make a sneaker that can transform into mini Optimus Prime (red and white color) and Megatron (black and silver).

black silver Nike sneaker side view

Nike transformer in shoes mode

transformer shoes in box - autobot optimus prime

once came out of shoes box, their transform into robot

special limited edition transformers nike shoes

decepticon nike shoes in box

transformers shoes ready to grab by nike and transformers fan

Thanks Dian


Anonymous said...

I was a fan of transformers during the 1980's the snekers are cool.

Ana said...

Is this serious??

fizdane said...

Ana, no joke :)
The item available in Nike store (maybe limited) or online like ebay (here)

Uuranis, I was Transformers series' fan too ;)

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