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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Creative Bus Advertising (Ads on Public Transports)

What make big impact to the product is how they market it. Creative advertising will give a strong memories to the customers.

bus tyre as camera lens

creative ads about quitting smoking. Smoke from bus used as cigarette smoke

teirnitos ads

Dj on the move. Tyre as Disc

another ads that manipulate tyre as an eye

funny ads on bus door. Be care when step up on the bus or you might end up like that

National Geographic advertisement uses bus door as shark's mouth.

another concept of using bus door to move a kissing couple - for mint product


Elizabeth said...

I really like those pictures!

Granny J said...

Too kewl! It's hard to pick the best.

Anonymous said...

content thief!

Elizabeth said...

why is that you people steals others content & kill the creativity?

Granny J said...

"Too kewl! It's hard to pick the best." This is bullshit.
It's hard to suck good content!

Onthehard said...

These pictures are great, thanks! What is anonymous' problem with your content? Isn't the idea that you collect these up from around the net for us? As the bumbersticker says, "Wag More, Bark Less" !!

fizdane said...

anonymous, please send me an email with your website link so we can solve your problem.

If you are the photographer of the pictures above, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

Bus Advertising UK said...

Well these advertisings are looking very beautiful. All the advertisings are looking marvelous but i personally like the camera's advertising bus. I was so curious that whether its a wheel of the bus or the lens of a camera. Its amazing.

Chandigarh said...

It's hard to suck good content!

bus advertising said...

Nice. Love the smoker nothing like dirty exhaust smoke to put people off smoking, very clever advertising.

bus advertising said...

Really smart creative! Cheers for the good post.

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