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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Collection of Giant Vegetables

big tomato competition winner

have you ever seen like this giant vegetable?

giant vegetable for vegetarian

most of this giant vegetables used in competition

there are some secret to grow this giant vegetable

giant potato - looks like good photoshop editing to me

special plant giant cauliflower

cauliflower for few days cooking

look at my large vegetable

look, all of our plants grow twice than us

big pumpkin for large family

not a problem for Halloween

thanks for this rare kind of giant pumpkin or we need a truck to buy that


m0le said...

Nice. The potato one is photoshop though. His foot isn't even on it. Not to mention that potatoes, unlike root vegetables, grow outwards rather than downwards so it would break the surface and get weathered...Anyway, 'tis fake

sumit said...

Love to have those veggies, i love pumpkin
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fizdane said...

m0le, I thought so too.

sumit, thanks, I will look about it.

ann said...

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voyance said...

Thanks! great blog!

AmyOops said...

Hey, I sent you an award, Collect it from my site!!

Brett said...

Wild, beats buying from a supermarket

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